I am Ethan Reynolds. Some people know me, but some people don’t. Some people assume things and some people only see me as the “guy in the picture”. But now everyone will be able to get to know me through this website. You will see the good, the bad, the silly, and the sad moments of my world and will know that I am just one more person in this great big world trying to be someone better.

My life has always been an interesting journey. My father was part of the US Military and that allowed our family to live in many different parts of the world. I continue that pattern still! The adventures in my life have allowed me to travel to even more countries, see great things, and meet wonderful people. Living life should always include new experiences and I am pleased that I have had the opportunities that have come my way.

But life is also about challenges and learning how to overcome obstacles. Its about learning life’s lessons and never giving up when things don’t go as planned. I have big goals for my life. And nothing would make me happier to reach them all. Perhaps you would enjoy watching me as I try to guide my journey in life to reach those goals! Who know’s! Maybe sitting in the spectator seats will be entertaining!

© 2010 I am Ethan Reynolds